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Supplemental Staffing


Virtus Analytical supplies highly experienced consultants and qualified professionals to support the full life cycle requirements of HPI laboratories.

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We align the intellectual and technological resources to complete projects in order to achieve our client's goals and objectives.


Our decades of expertise in oil and gas empower us to provide highly experienced consultants and Professionals with the specific skillsets that are required for HPI, in all major disciplines, on a contract or permanent basis.


Our Resources

Core Lab Staff

Lab Manager

The Lab manager directs, leads, and controls the laboratory activities and testing services of the HPI Laboratory. They oversee Quality Management, Health, Safety, Environmental Compliance, Legal and Ethical Compliance, and Training. They renders to clients an accurate, rapid, and efficient testing service of indisputable integrity and ensures that adequate equipment and staff are available for all jobs. They manage laboratory employee performance and maintains an effective work group whilst serves as a positive representative to clients. Overall, a Lab Manager ensures that the laboratory contributes to a fair and reasonable profit for the Organization.

Lab Supervisor

Coordinates and schedules lab assignments to lab technicians, and controls the lab equipment and supply inventory along with receiving, compiling, and verifying the data resulting from lab testing.

Lab Technician

Conducts maintenance on laboratory testing and sampling equipment including Cleaning and sterilizing laboratory testing and sampling equipment in accordance with laboratory's safety and Quality protocols.

Lab Analyst

  • Ensure safety operation through compliance of Lab policies, quality and safety operation procedures.

  • Conduct lab testing, analysis and release for component, bulk intermediate and finished product timely and accurately.

  • Report any abnormal test data and any abnormal lab equipment performance timely and solve problem with advice from quality supervisor and quality manager.

  • Keep lab records properly and keep lab clean and tidy and maintain lab at high standard

  • Conduct formulation lab trial as per instruction from Quality Supervisor.

  • Conduct testing requirement for finished product and formulation develop.

  • Conduct lab equipment daily maintenance, regular calibration, testing methods updated and daily SQC for critical lab equipment.


  • Analyse samples using a range of software, techniques and equipment to carry out research and analysis.

  • Analysing and interpreting data, reporting and presenting results.

  • Keeping up to date with scientific and technical advancements, develop new analytical methods and writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries.

  • Liaising with customers, suppliers and research/scientific staff.

Service Engineer / Technicians

  • Installing, commissioning, Inspection, certification, repair and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment.

Application Specialist

  • Conducting laboratory experimentations as needed for petrochemical products development, evaluation of product efficacy, and testing of oil and water samples to support projects.

  • Collaborating with the internal and external customers to establish the best chemical solutions to meet their requirements and predictive measures to enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Providing technical product support and service to our customers in the field to provide optimized solution packages.

  • Analyzing data and communicate results through presentation and documentation to various groups and customers

  • Conduct field visits to implement solutions, collect data, and advise on the execution of applications.


  • Manages a laboratory storeroom by ordering, receiving, storing, issuing, preparing and maintaining an inventory of chemicals and apparatus for laboratory personnel.

  • Receives, stores, and issues chemicals, supplies and apparatus and does not mix chemical solutions.

  • Works closely with the procurement team to order and receive lab consumables and equipment, and verify all requested items as they arrive and check quality and conformity against documentation.

  • Conducts inventory audits to determine and maintain inventory levels and needs, and replenish each unit’s depleted stock.


Health & Safety Executives

  • Planning, implementing and overseeing employee safety at work.

  • Monitor procurement, use, and disposal of chemicals used in the lab.

  • Ensure that appropriate self-inspections are maintained and that the company is in compliance and adheres to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.

  • Serves as a role model in the application of all HSE policies and standards.

  • Provides line management with continuous advice and support to ensure that HSE remains an integral part of the organizations' business and equal in priority to production and profitability.

QA / QC Executives

They are in charge of evaluating, inspecting, and auditing the lab's practices to make sure that it meet consistent standards. Their duties include developing and implementing quality control tests, inspecting products at various stages and writing reports documenting issues.

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Project Management

Advisors / Consultants

Consultants are experienced professionals and domain experts who reviews the client's laboratory operations and provide an overall assessment, along with recommendations and implementation suggestions to improve laboratory operations and results that meet or exceed desired targets.

Project Execution Team

The Project Management and execution team sets in motion, a structured and formalized approach towards optimal deployment of assets, skills, workflows, management processes and procedures that are aimed at reducing uncertainty and enhancing predictability of prespecified results, on a logical timeline. They facilitate team communications, ensure that daily targets are met, and that the process was as cohesive and smooth as possible up to ‘go live’.

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Support Staff

Supply Chain Executives

  • Handles the acquisition and availability of materials and equipment, outlines monthly and quarterly quotas, improves the efficiency of supply operations, and manages correspondence and contact with suppliers.

  • Develops, implements, monitors and maintains supply chain management strategies that increase the efficiency and speed of supply operations, while Monitoring costs and staying within allocated budgets.

  • Optimizes warehouse functions and diligently reports any accidents or injuries that occur on the floor, whilst collaborating with internal departments to identify and close any operational gaps.

Finance, HR, Administration, ICT

Support services do not contribute directly to the production of goods or the providing of services, but they are essential for the laboratory to operate. 

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By managing and developing laboratories with these professionals, we help reduce operating costs and capital expenditure whilst improving technical delivery.


Our ready-to-deploy skilled and trained talent, are geared to meet tight deadlines and adapt to fluctuating demand to meet production goals and maintain a healthy bottom line. 

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